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Hobbes vs. Thoreau

Thomas Hobbes’ book, Leviathan and Henry David Thoreau’s paper, Resistance to Civil Government couldn't be progressively restricted with regards to taking a gander at the implicit understanding from a political way of thinking perspective. From one viewpoint, Hobbes keeps up that humanity’s most extreme commitment is to submit oneself to the authority of the sovereign state. Thoreau, then again, contends that under explicit conditions, it is humanity’s obligation is to oppose the state. This paper will contend that Hobbes doesn't prevail with regards to setting up our commitment to submit to the sovereign’s authority.Instead it is Thoreau whom is right that in specific conditions we are obliged to oppose the State. The two fundamental issues with Hobbes’ thinking in Leviathan in regards to the sovereign position originate from his clarifications of the Laws of Nature and the intensity of the legislature. In Thoreau’s Resistance to Civi l Government, these two issues are all the more satisfactorily tended to. Before setting up the reasons why Thoreau’s sees on the commitments of the resident to the state are more right than Hobbes’, it ought to be noticed that Thoreau’s exposition, Resistance to Civil Government was distributed 198 years after Leviathan.While Hobbes composed Leviathan during the English Civil War, Thoreau composed Resistance to Civil Government as an abolitionist during the hour of the subjugation emergency in New England and the Mexican-American war. Subsequently the distinctions in social setting of the two works are intense. Not exclusively was Leviathan viewed as probably the soonest work containing implicit agreement hypothesis, Hobbes himself is viewed as one of the key figures in the English Enlightenment, also called the Age of Reason.This setting inside which Hobbes flourished, and inside which Leviathan was distributed is noteworthy, in light of the fact that the phil osophical technique whereupon Hobbes based Leviathan is designed according to a geometric confirmation, established upon first standards and set up definitions. In this model, every contention makes ends dependent on the past contention. Hobbes needed to deliver evident political way of thinking in Leviathan by making a model dependent on geometry since ends that are determined by geometry should be indisputable.However Hobbes’ book is a long way from unquestionable, and quite a bit of its rationale isn't totally solid. This is obvious in various models, yet most conspicuous are the Laws of Nature and the intensity of the legislature. So as to all the more likely clarify why Hobbes doesn't totally prevail with regards to setting up the commitment individuals need to submit to the sovereign’s authority, a short outline of Leviathan is vital. In Leviathan, Hobbes sets out on an investigation of human instinct, which in the long run drives him to the end that an absolutis t state, where all force exists in the possession of the sovereign power, is necessary.The reason that Hobbes feels absolutism is fundamental is the thing that he alludes to as the ‘state of nature’. The condition of nature is utilized to clarify the inborn characteristics in man that causes him to carry on the manner in which he does, outside of the limits and cutoff points forced by social law. For Hobbes, the condition of nature comprises of narrow minded men who will unavoidably go to savagery in their mission to fulfill their own egotistical needs. Consequently, on the grounds that all individuals are inalienably savage in the condition of nature, all are likewise equivalent in light of the fact that no individual is above or less fit for viciousness than anybody else.To the contention that some are truly more grounded than others, Hobbes counters that even the individuals who are more grounded are as yet powerless when resting. Along these lines, however all are s imilarly rough, all are likewise similarly helpless. In any case, man is likewise balanced, thus in light of this powerlessness, man’s narrow minded want to guarantee his own life to the exclusion of everything else, will lead them to place their confidence into the implicit understanding. The premise whereupon the implicit understanding is made essential, at the end of the day, the condition of nature, is the thing that eventually delivers the Leviathan.Hobbes accepts that so as to make sure about their own lives, individuals will naturally present the entirety of their opportunity under the control of the sovereign’s authority. One of the primary parts of Hobbes’ work that subverts his, generally coherently solid Leviathan, concerns the Laws of Nature. Hobbes appears to assume that all the individuals in a solitary state would concur with each other to present the entirety of their capacity to one definitive substance, on the premise that they will acknowledge it is to the greatest advantage of their security.As teacher Ian Johnston says, â€Å"If people resemble sheep, I don't perceive any reason why they need a ruler; if individuals resemble wolves, I don't perceive how they will endure a ruler. † If, as Hobbes proposes, the condition of nature is political agitation, at that point what part of nature drives all individuals to frame a republic? In this regard, apparently Hobbes negates himself, for he declares that man is brutish, vicious, and just worried about personal circumstance, anyway he is likewise sensible enough to frame a social ontract in which his own simplicity and roomy living is made sure about. Considering the last attributes of man that Hobbes depicts, where man is objective enough to partake in such an implicit understanding, the need of submitting oneself altogether to the sovereign authority is unwarranted and excessively outrageous. The subsequent principle issue with Leviathan concerns the intensity of the legislature. Hobbes neglects to clarify why individuals would believe a position comprised of others, the same as themselves.If each individual realizes that their own inalienable savagery and narrow-mindedness is what requires absolute standard by a definitive figure, would they not question the power, accepting that the corruptness within them stretches out to said authority too? Hobbes doesn't appear to consider this issue worth a lot top to bottom thought, for he doesn't accept that the sovereign authority could ever placed the individuals in a circumstance where they have to shield themselves from the administering powers. As indicated by Hobbes, the state will stay productive in light of the fact that it perceives its reliance upon crafted by the citizens.In Hobbes’ words, â€Å"the private intrigue is the equivalent with the general population. The wealth, influence, and respect of a ruler emerge just from the wealth, quality and notoriety of his subjects. For no rul er can be rich, nor radiant, nor secure, whose subjects are either poor, or disgusting, or too powerless through need, or dissention, to keep up a war against their adversaries. †Ã‚ However, the results on a person’s capacity to deliver riches for a nation isn't the main worry for a state where all the influence rests inside the hands of a sovereign authority.Hobbes answer doesn't venture any further into the good or human privileges of the residents, which are substantially more helpless against being encroached upon in an absolutist state. Hobbes fails to address this since he accepts that the state would not assault these rights dependent on the way that it would conceivably deliver confusion, which is the specific inverse of what the sovereign authority is intended to do. Plainly for Hobbes, the perils of a domineering sovereign are more engaging than the nonappearance of any sovereign, or at the end of the day, a general public left to the territory of nature.While having some type of government, instead of widespread brutality, is ideal, it is pointless for the residents to give up all opportunity to the authority of the sovereign, as Hobbes recommends. It would have been incomprehensible for Hobbes to anticipate the political development of present day states. Anyway his portrayal of the advantages of the absolutist state allude to current instances of states where all the force has been moved into a solitary, sovereign power, prompting the outrageous defilement that Hobbes trusted it would eradicate.The twentieth century is brimming with instances of this; anyway one that especially embodies the threats of all out accommodation to the state is Fascist Italy, administered totally by Benito Mussolini from the mid 1920s to the mid 1940s. Rather than supporting the state and its kin, Mussolini made a fantasy of what the benefit of all truly was, so as to implement his own, supreme force. This lead to a noteworthy lessening in security and loss of numerous human lives, which appears to show that presenting all capacity to the state, can lead individuals once more into Hobbes’ ‘state of nature’, rather than out of it.While Hobbes’ underwriting of absolutism may have respectable focuses on humankind, when taken a gander at from its basic and natural expectations, regularly absolutism brings about the savage authorizing of rules or belief systems upon individuals, which is in itself lost security, and type of insensitive disorder. In a response to the wild bondage in America during the nineteenth century and the Mexican-American war, Thoreau composed the paper Resistance to Civil Government, wanting to urge individuals to believe their own still, small voices over the standard of the law upheld by the government.Thoreau accepts that keeps an eye on best support of one’s own nation incomprehensibly appears as obstruction against it, on the off chance that one feels that the administration is supporting shameful or indecent laws. Undercutting to the legislature, regardless, or out of the need of commitment is to the burden of the state and society, as per Thoreau. Rather, it is smarter to work to assemble a superior one in the long haul, regardless of whether that implies disorder or political agitation as transformation n the short-term.Though Thoreau’s sees appear to be considerably more current than Hobbes, Thoreau questions the adequacy of vote based system, or rather the change of a legislature from inside the administration. Accepting that casting a ballot and appealing to for change to be wasteful, Thoreau feels that one can't genuinely observe the administration for what it is the point at which one is working with it, and in this way one additionally can't impact change when worki

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Christopher marlowe, doctor faustus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Christopher marlowe, specialist faustus - Essay Example The utilization of run of the mill Biblical language and tone can be seen in the words conveyed by both the speakers. Dr. Faustus looks eager for grasping the sinister way for twenty four years of his life, where he could be in a situation to command over others with the assistance of the malicious enchantment offered to him by Lucifer through his hireling Mephistopheles. The creator has skilfully illuminated the force of desire and unabated arrangement of wants for the accomplishment of intensity, pelf, ownership, distinction and monetary gains throughout everyday life, and seems, by all accounts, to be uninformed of the quiet appearance of the passing finally. Since Faustus has a place with the lower layer of society, as the Chorus describes, he is by all accounts in a rush to obtain funds and status quickly by utilizing unjustifiable and even evil methods. Here, the language of the play again calls attention to the otherworldly message conveyed by Marlowe that this human world wou ld surely end inside a jiffy; so running amuck pursuing materialistic articles may prepare towards the awful channel of revile, embarrassment and humiliation finally. Consequently, Faustus can't have any significant bearing foresightedness and proclaims damnation as Elysium for him. (Line 63) The discourse between Dr. Faustus and Mephistopheles stresses upon the very actuality that Marlowe kept up undeterred confidence in monotheism and unrestricted consenting to the instructions of the Lord. It is thusly his hero concedes that the interminable spot of the skeptic thinkers isn't other than the jettison of inferno, where Dr. Faustus would remain everlastingly in the organization of the dissidents of Almighty God. (Lines 64-67) Hence, Marlowe has applied the equivalent vibrant tone utilized by John Milton, in the discourse made by Satan while tending to his friends, in his well known Paradise Lost. In this way, the recognized writer has called attention to towards the very reality tha t the radical heavenly attendants do never feel short of their noncompliance and disobedience they have raised against the almighty out of the sheer envy and noxiousness for Adam. Therefore, they were hurled in the inferno fast and still comply with there out of their assent. (Lines 77-78) Marlowe incompletely appreciates the relentlessness of the revolutionary heavenly attendants which look occupied with alluring the blameless offspring of Adam and Eve out of their resentment for their first guardians. Since the hirelings of Beelzebub think of it as a war against the matchless quality of man over them, they show their adoration for the reason for disobedience. It is along these lines Mephistopheles inclines toward Lucifer’s administration to the each gift and bounties offered to him by the Lord. (Lines 79-82) To finish up, it becomes completely clear that Marlowe has applied philosophical and scholarly language in the Biblical style while delineating the exchange under asses sment. On the one side he looks denouncing and blaming Dr. Faustus for his offensive choice of grasping evil approaches to join the villains in heck, and on the opposite side he is by all accounts empowering and supporting the Lucifer junta for adhering to their motivation everlastingly by disproving all prizes and bounties offered by the Lord to the devout and loyal on the loose. Book reference Marlowe, Christopher (1592/1994) A Tragic history of Dr. Faustus Dover

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Master Your Writing with Meredith Sue Willis

Master Your Writing with Meredith Sue Willis Meredith Sue Willis is a writer, teacher, reader, and the publisher of her own blog, Meredith Sue Willis: Writer and Teacher, at Willis is a proud member of the Appalachian Renaissance, whose published nonfiction and fiction books include Melis Way, Love Palace, and A Space Apart. She is also an assistant adjunct professor at New York Universitys School of Professional Studies. Her website offers valuable writing advice as well as a glimpse into Williss works and perspectives.For anyone looking to create, polish, and publish their work, the best place to go is always the source. Willis shares links to articles on how to improve ones writing, specifically for the novel-writing crowd. She also provides writing exercises and shows writing techniques. These resources come packaged on a site with links to Williss work and her own inspirations. The site even provides pages for younger writers, and there are links to pages made for teens and children. Aspiring writers looking for advice atop the shoulders of giants should check out Williss blog for these resources.Screenshot of, which offers valuable writing advice as well as a glimpse into Williss works and perspectives.Aid and adviceWilliss Tips for Writers page includes links to articles inside the site and out. These articles cover a wide variety of specific-but-necessary topics to address for writers. Among these are tips on doing taxes for independent writers, advice on copyright law, and a self-publishing cost calculator. These resources cover serious topics on writing and more advice can be found elsewhere throughout the site.A QA section is included on this page. The author seems to have taken substantial time to give her thoughts on a few topics. She writes in detail about her writing process. For example, in answering one question, she states the importance of staying mindful of alliterations when writing. She says that she had almost named two characters Travis and Tyler, when, thinking of how the human brain functions, she decided to change Tyler to Harrison. After this, she realized that Harrison was a location in the book, so she changed it again. She writes:Coincidences abound in real life, but in fiction, we tend to expect everything to have meaning, and I didnt want this boy linked to a county.I did another search and replace, and at the moment the second boys name is Jason, but Im not absolutely satisfied with that either...MeredithSueWillis.comThis kind of advice gets to the essence of the value in lessons from an accomplished author. Starting out work as a writer can be daunting. The lessons included in Tips for Writers can help writers looking to get published. These tips cover every aspect of a writers life, from the deceptively mundane to the critical, like calculating self-publishing costs.ConsultationIf youve heeded this advice, but you need specific direction for your story, Willis provides manuscript consultations. On reque st, Willis will read manuscripts including short stories, novels, and memoirs. Willis clearly defines who these consultations can benefit:If you have difficulties with, for example, the English language, you probably want an editor. If you need weekly consultations and support, you almost certainly need a writing coach. If, however, you are looking for an experienced writer and teacher who knows some things about how to make novels and other prose narratives better, then consider MSWs services.MeredithSueWillis.comConsultations start at $200 and are dependent on Williss availability. Those who are interested can contact Willis through her email, which is available through the blog.Practice every dayMeredith Sue Willis is also a teacher on top of being a writer, and this experience lends itself to the teaching materials she provides on the blog. She says she offers writing exercises in her blog in the spirit of the Internet as a place of sharing and exchange. These exercises come str aight from the heart. There are 330 exercisesâ€"enough to provide writers with an exercise almost every day for a year. These exercises can help writers gain inspiration for a future project or simply build their skills and have fun for a spell. They span from the simple, like exercise #66, which asks writers to physically move to a different place to write; to the more grandiose, like exercise #211, which asks writers to work on a short spy thriller.In addition to these writing prompts, which provide short writing experiences, Willis provides online writing classes. The classes are done through email and they include written lectures, reading assignments, writing assignments, and one-on-one responses to homework. Students can work at their own pace in these classes, but they may turn in a total of 6,000 to 7,000 words in their assignments during these classes.Willis has taught at the university level, so there is real value in these classes. That said, classes run in the fall, Janu ary, and the summer, depending on Williss schedule, and they cost $45 to $60 per session. To sign on to the mailing list for the classes, go to the online writing workshops blog page. Testimonials from students on these classes are shown on the blog page.These classes appeal to writers looking to hone their writing skills. Willis requires a lot of time from students to complete these assignments, but this is offset by the offline format, which lets students complete assignments at their own pace. People who have not received formal instruction on novel writing and wish to get into the business can particularly benefit from these classes. If youre an aspiring writer looking for more practice and instruction, these classes may be for you, provided one is available.Kids and teensFor any aspiring young writers, Meredith Sue Willis provides resources for all reading and writing levels. The writer has taught not only in universities and online but also to grade school and high school stud ents. MSWs Page for Kids opens to a picture of Williss pet parakeet and offers a kid-friendly layout. Willis lists several books for kids, clearly passionate about encouraging reading at an early age, while also providing a medium for children to recommend their favorite books. Williss Page About Books and Writing for Teens contains resources dedicated to teens, as well as book recommendations.First and foremost, this is a blog about teaching adult writers to break into and excel in the publishing world. However, its never too early to start building writing skills and laying the groundwork for later writing successes. These tools allow children and teens to see what others have discovered in their quest to become better writers and readers and receive advice from an accomplished writer. Anyone looking to direct younger writers to a valuable resource for building their skills would do well in showing them these sites.Meredith Sue Williss website helps younger writers build their wri ting skills.Links and suchIn lieu of a traditional blog roll, Meredith Sue Willis provides resources throughout the website. On the Articles, Lectures, Online Reading, and Websites for Readers and Writers page, Willis provides an expansive set of links that writers can scroll through to address whatever problem they may encounter. This article link page serves as a good substitute for an updated blog roll. Writers would do well to bookmark this page and come back to it later.Links on this site include a TED-Ed video on building fictional worlds, an article on the pet peeves of literary agents (dont leave grammatical mistakes in your letters), a link to a website that can provide more resources for writers, an abundance of articles on the future of book publishing (its uncertain), and news articles.These links inform readers and writers of important developments in the writing world and can teach them how to survive in it.Writing samplesThe authors writing samples are posted througho ut the site for aspiring writers and readers alike. On this same page, blog visitors can discover Williss biography and upcoming events, they can find links to excerpts of her work. Entire short stories like Evenings with Dotson can be found on this page.The final chapterMeredith Sue Williss blog is a great resource to seek writing advice, discover stories worth your time, and even find services that will improve your writing. It is so much more than a simple portfolio for an accomplished author.The site can provide advice on all aspects of a writers life to anyone wanting to become a published author. It provides links and on-site tutorials on different aspects of a writers life. Additionally, if you want to improve your writing, you can find information on joining one of Williss writing classes, if youre looking for advice on a story youre working on, you can find information on a manuscript review.Readers and even younger writers can find a home here. Willis provides free writing samples to her works and reading recommendations. She maintains websites for teens and children that give book recommendations, show publishing houses that accept books from younger readers and writers, and display reviews from those younger readers and writers.Meredith Sue Willis: Writer and Teacher succeeds in teaching and serving as a versatile resource for readers and writers young and old, experienced and amateur.

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Plato’s Theory of Forms - 2058 Words

Term paper Plato’s theory of forms â€Å"Everything which exist in this world and all things that we see around us are not as they appear to us† this is the core idea behind plato’s theory of forms.From this idea only he moves towards explaining his world of forms or ideas. In his book called THE REPUBLIC he tell us that the â€Å"Good†is the end of all endeavour,it is the object on which every heart is set,so this good according to him has a form,infact all the abstract ideas like good, justice ,beauty ,love etc has an ideal form according to plato.This form exist outside of space and time.This form remains permanent and is real.All that we see around us†¦show more content†¦In a way it solves the problem of permanence and a way it solves the problem of being and becoming which has existed in the greek philosophy since long.plato’s divided line is a perfect answer to this problem.It combines both being and becoming and tell us that from becoming we have to reach upto the being that is real. We perceive a different world through our mind than we do through the senses. It is the material world, perceived through the senses and this world changing. It is the realm of forms,which one sees through the mind, this world is permanent. It is this world that is more real; the world of change is merely an imperfect image of this world. A form is an abstract property or quality. Take any property of an object and separate it from that object and consider it by itself, this is a form.For instance,when we talk of a triangle we say that it is a three sided enclosed figure and the sum of whose all sides is 180degrees,but have we ever seen a perfect triangle what we have seen is just a close approximation of an ideal triangle but not an ideal triangle. Now I want to bring in plato’s ParmenidesShow MoreRelatedPlato’s Theory of Forms Essay1719 Words   |  7 PagesPlato’s Theory of Forms Plato was born, the son of Ariston and Perictione, in about 428 BC. His family, on both sides, was among the most distinguished in Athens. He was born in Athens into a very wealthy family and as a young man was a student of Socrates. Plato is probably one of the best-known philosophers. Plato embarked on a period of extensive travel, returning to Athens some years later. In 387 BCE he established the Academy, a school devoted to philosophicalRead MoreExplain the Criticisms of Platos Theory of the Forms.1584 Words   |  7 PagesPlatos theory of forms, also called his theory of ideas, states that there is another world, separate from the material world that we live in called the eternal world of forms. This world, to Plato, is more real than the one we live in. His theory is shown in his Allegory of the Cave (from The Republic, Book VII), where the prisoners only live in what they think is a real world, but really it is a shadow of reality. According to Plato, to the prisoners in the allegory and to humanity in the materialRead MoreOverview Of Plato And Platos Theory Of The Four Forms1896 Words   |  8 Pagesquestion has been a major topic of many philosophical discussions. This debate has caused many philosophers to give potential answers to the problem, yet no one agrees on one idea. Of these potential answers, two well-known ones are Platos Theory of Forms and Aristotles Theory of the Four Causes.   Despite their common focus on knowledge, the two philosophers differ in their beliefs in how knowledge is obtained. Plato places a bigger emphasis on the soul being the source of true knowledge, while AristotleRead MoreDistinctions and Comparisons between Aristotle and Plato Essay1681 Words   |  7 PagesThe ideas introduced by Plato on the theory of forms, where deducted and critiqued by Aristotle. Both philosophers can be viewed as having opposing ideologies. Nonetheless, Plato and Aristotle are in agreement on certain factors of their philosophy. Many have scrutinized and compared the dissimilarities and similarities of Aristotles doctrine of categories and Platos theory of forms. The observations found are of an interesting nature. The beauty behind the writings of Plato is to not acceptRead MoreThe Main Elements Of Plato s Cave1152 Words   |  5 Pagesof life is when men are afraid of the light† – Plato In this paper the main elements of Plato’s cave will be described along with a short explanation of Plato’s theory of forms, which is what the cave allegory is attempting to address. A brief description of the plot of the movie â€Å"The Island â€Å"will follow. This will be followed by an explanation of how the movie correlates to the elements of Plato’s cave. Finally, the conclusion will discuss what Plato was hoping to achieve with the cave allegoryRead MoreThe Utopian Views Of Plato And Platos Political State741 Words   |  3 Pagesequals, contrary to Plato’s strict utopian structure and group over individual hierarchy view of the ideal state. Plato’s ideal state is strictly structured through a utopian ideal. Everything within Plato’s ideal state has a place and purpose, and everyone within it is aware of that. While the state works for the people as a whole instead of individual, Plato also proposes the idea of propaganda to mold even the lowest of his utopia into model citizens for the state. Plato’s state is the essenceRead MorePlato s Theory Of Form1111 Words   |  5 PagesPlato coined the term â€Å"Socratic questioning† to encourage the open discussion of philosophical theory for the purpose of improving said theory. Aristotle took advantage of the practice of Socratic questioning to inquire about Plato’s theory of Form and its explanation of causality in comparison to Aristotle’s own theories of causality and being. Aristotle criticizes Plato’s theory of Form because it only accounted for a one-dimensional explanation of what things are made up of and what identifi esRead MoreEssay Explain the Platonic Concept of Forms748 Words   |  3 PagesPlatonic concept of Forms. Plato believed that reality is more than what we sense around the world (e.g. taste, smell, hear, see and touch), he believed that behind these physical realities lies a perfect version of them in which he called Forms and that the greatest thing we can learn is to have knowledge and understanding of them. Plato’s theory means that what we can sense around us (for example a chair) is just a mere shadow of the perfect version which exists in the world of Forms. The perfect versionRead MoreWhat Plato Meant by the Form of the Good Essay1456 Words   |  6 PagesMeant by the Form of the Good The basis of Platos philosophy is his theory of Ideas, or doctrine of Forms while the notion of Forms is essential to Platos philosophy, over years of philosophical study, it has been difficult to understand what these Forms are supposed to be, and the purpose of their existence. When examining Platos forms and evaluating the theory, some conclusions have proved to be unclear and unanswered. However, the doctrine of Forms is essentialRead MorePlatos 4 Analogies Of The Republic Analysis1579 Words   |  7 Pagesand VII of the The Republic, Plato uses the four analogies to represent his theory of justice in the ideal state. The four analogies include the ship, the sun, the divided line, and the cave. The analogies of the ship, and the cave are used by Plato to represent the people of the state and proving his argument that philosophers are the true rulers of the state. The divided line and the sun analogies also supports Plato’s point about philosophers obtaining intellectual knowledge apposed to the ordinary

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America Our Past, Present, and Future. Essay - 1274 Words

America. It was a dream come true in a New World that was envisioned by artists, politicians, and monarchs alike. The ones who believed that anything could be achieved by God, the mind, and manpower. Even through opposition from governments, kingdoms, nobles, and naysayers, these brave individuals strived to establish a better life for themselves and their families, aimed to retain a secure future in the process, and wanted to worship God in their own way. They had the courage to cross unknown oceans and territories, sail miles and miles away from the comforts and familiarities of home, and set out to create a new lifestyle in a great land they had never known. This faith and courage kept their hopes alive, and helped them to survive even†¦show more content†¦Our fathers founded this nation with the belief in freedom, liberty, justice, equality, and individual responsibility. These are just some of the values and principles that have withstood the test of time and continue to inspire people to this day. They have gotten us through many wars, civil struggles, and ecomonic tragedies and we risen out of the crisis stronger over and over. When nations fell into freefall and spun out of control we have been there to supply for their needs in both military, humanitarian, and economic ways. Our free enterprise system has proven to work countless times, and we have advanced our ways of caring for those in need. But even with these val ues in place, there are some that still try to thwart the foundation we were built on and place government ahead of the people. These actions started the same war that created this nation. We must not allow our elected superiors to believe that they can put our future at risk to accomplish their agendas. To the ones that have forgotten this, we will remind by telling them what we believe. At this present moment, in this country, I believe that we are in a state of freefall. We are allowing society and government to redifine every belief that we once stood for. We are slowly being lulled by an immoral pied piper in an attempt to silence our voice and leadShow MoreRelatedPortrayal Of Immigrants In America. Out Of All The Stories1249 Words   |  5 PagesPortrayal of Immigrants in America Out of all the stories told throughout history, from caves to computers, never has there been one more dramatically scripted as the tale of the United States of America and her immigrants. Like a Shakespearean tragedy that never ends, this story is full of romantic plots dating back to its inception: with a heroic plight of a nation borne by gun-blazing revolution and glory; fueled by the brave journeys of immigrants, dreams, and a future paved in golden freedom.Read MoreHistory And Its Impact On History808 Words   |  4 Pagesthat studies the past of the human race and the human civilizations, assists us to comprehend the present, so we have a better vision for the future. The History seeks to reconstitute the past event. For the reason, history has its objectives, methods. All the information of history is related to the time and space because the consideration of an historical event requires placing it in time and in a given space. By means of history, we understand and analyze the cultures of the past, and compare itRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of John F. Kennedy1364 Words   |  6 Pagesminimum hourly wage bill, and federal aid to education. I feel that the purpose and goal that Kennedy wanted to accomplish is to make America strong by promoting freedom, good leadership, and getting other countries to view America as a strong country just as China and Khrushchev as Kennedy stated â€Å"I want people in Latin America and Africa and Asia to start to look to America; to see how we re doing things; to wonder what the resident of the United States is doing; and not to look at Khrushchev, or lookRead MoreThe Cultural Crossroads Of The Americas794 Words   |  4 Pagesmodern day American and historic America inhabited by Native American Indians. Bob Haozous plays on these two scenarios in an art installation that portrays two sides of American history. The left is depicted through three hunter-gatherers with tools and performing cultural rituals. The right side is depicted through tall buildings and symbols that represent American culture. This paper will analyze the social histories, national histories, and religious histories present in Haozous’ â€Å"The Cultural CrossroadsRead More Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It?779 Words   |  4 PagesGeorge Santayana once said, â€Å"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.† Following this quote, I would be expected to discuss some of the terrible actions committed in our history and that if we don’t learn about these events, they are bound to be repeated in the future. Well I slightly disagree; let us repeat history. Although our nation has endured dark and shameful times, our history is also honorable and full of progress, innovation, patriotism, and triumph. The United States’Read MoreI Choose To Pick John F. Kennedy As My Rhetoric Candidate,1407 Words   |  6 Pagesminimum hourly wage bill, and federal aid to education. I feel that the purpose and goal that Kennedy wanted to accomplish is to make America strong by promoting freedom, good leadership, and getting other countries to view America as a strong country just as China and Khrushchev as he stated â€Å"I want people in Latin America and Africa and Asia to start to look to America; to see how we re doing things; to wonder what the resident of the United States is doing; and not to look at Khrushchev, or lookRead MoreHistory Is The Base Of The Future948 Words   |  4 Pagesthe future. History is the whole series of past events connected with someone or something in the future. History is a narration of the events which have happened among mankind, including an account of the rise and fall of nations, as well as of other great changes which have affected the political and social condition of the human race (John J. Anderson 1876). Events become history when it travels the certain time interval and makes connections in the futu re. History is the study of the past andRead MoreEssay on Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation1584 Words   |  7 PagesJustice Trends Evaluation Paper Jerry J Lynch Jr February 20, 2012 CJA/394 - Contemporary Issues and Futures in Criminal Justice Darren Gil, Faculty University of Phoenix Criminal Justice Trends Evaluation The criminal justice field is an ever evolving field. As today’s technology changes so does the way the criminal justice field interacts with that technology. As our society changes the technology that we use will also be altered to fit the situation. The barriers that comeRead MoreThe Battle Of Gettysburg And The Sacrifice Made Here928 Words   |  4 Pagescasualties lay dead sprawled across the city and outskirts of Gettysburg. Eleven score and nineteen years ago our forefathers planned out a new nation based upon the principles that all persons should have. Seven score and twelve years ago as the reburying of thousands of fallen soldiers were taking place, Abraham Lincoln, The Union President, reminded approximately 15,000 people of that plan our forefathers architected for us. His brief address, lasting almost 2 minutes, became a national language thatRead MoreThe Current Free Market System1267 Words   |  6 Pagesability to change both the way an individual liv es and thinks cannot be understated. The educational system and its ability to affect the positive growth of our nation allows the government to fully harness the powers of its people. Humanity has long depended on the expansion of human knowledge and technology to further human progress. America as the most powerful and wealthy nation in the world must take measures to expand their university system to further meet the increasing demand for educated

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Avon Marketing Strategy Free Essays

Brainstorm for a few moments and come up with a list of five samples you could use in your professional portfolio. For each sample, indicate the skills and abilities that are reflected. Samples that I can add to my professional portfolio are : Certifications, Diplomas, Degrees, Community service, Volunteer work, Academic Record Newspaper or articles relating to your awards or achievements. We will write a custom essay sample on Avon Marketing Strategy or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2. Lists two of the five visual perception tips discussed in this chapter that you want to keep in mind when you develop your own portfolio. * Title, Headings and Captions * Graphic images 3. What is another source of visual graphics that you use in your portfolio besides standard clip art? Photos, illustrations, maps and charts. 4. What are some advantages of the electronic portfolio? Advantages * It allows employers to look at your material at their convenience. * It allows employers to spend more time reviewing your qualifications outside the interview * It allows employers to conveniently share your portfolios with others. * setting. It is easy to update by deleting, adding, or changing electronic materials or links quickly. Here is when an electronic portfolio Is more flexible than paper based oratorios- changes can be made in minutes. 5. Describe an Interview scenario where you could easily refer to your professional portfolio. * I was called for an interview in a big organization. The of the Interview the human resources manager starts talking to me In his office, and he starts asking me questions and more questions about me and my professional life. At the end of the Interview he ask me if I have a diploma or master degree then that’s when I show my professional portfolio where he can easily read In detail all my studies and achievements. How to cite Avon Marketing Strategy, Essays

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Current Trend Of The Marketing Of Omni Channel Advertising - Samples

Question: Discuss about the Current Trend Of The Marketing Of Omni Channel Advertising. Answer: The present report discusses the current trend of the marketing leaders to embrace the Omni channel advertising. The omni-channel advertising uses the combination of different advertising channels to increase the brand awareness and drive the sales results. In the era of digital and internet media, the companies are using programmatic approaches in choosing the media channel (Busch, 2015). However, while choosing the media channels, the companies are choosing multi-channel media strategies; however, in order to develop Omni culture media strategy, the companies have to understand the internal and external challenges, which become a challenge in the omni-channel media buying. The report highlights that omni-channel advertising is a complex process as there are several internal and external challenges. The people are isolated in the channels, the business processes are immature and technical advertisement is saturated. The program and the standard algorithms can assist the programmers to analyze the consumer behavior. These programs allow the marketing executives to adapt to the dynamic customer behavior. The authors have also discussed that it is important to adopt the omni-present marketing channels; however, it is important to address the internal organization challenges to adopt these advertising approaches. In the external advertising, the companies must adhere to the advertising technologies, publishers and advertisement agencies (Joyce, 2016). References Joyce, R. (2016). The Future Of Omnichannel Media Buying Is Programmatic. For B2C Marketing Professionals. Forestar. Retrieved 1 April 2018 from Busch, O. (2015). Programmatic Advertising: The Successful Transformation to Automated, Data-Driven Marketing in Real-Time. Springer.